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7 Summer Home Improvement Projects That Will Make Your House Shine

The beautiful summer weather in the Pacific Northwest is great for some fun in the sun, and optimal time to tackle some home improvement projects. With little work, you'll be enjoying the benefits all year long.

Wether you are looking to sell your home or keep it fresh for your own enjoyment, summer is the perfect time to get outside and take care of some of these projects. Below are 7 home improvement projects you can tackle during the upcoming long summer days:

1. Re-stain Your Decks and Fences

Stripping and re-staining your decks and fences will definitely enhance your property. For best results, use the lowest pressure and work your way up - too much pressure can damage the boards. When you are ready to stain, make sure you pick the proper stain for your type of wood.

2. Replace Siding

Siding's primary purpose is to protect your home from water, and summer is a great time for upkeep or replacement it if needed. Not only will replacing siding give your home a refreshed look, but it will also leave you ready for the colder, wetter months.

3. Pressure Wash Your Home

If your siding is in good shape but could use a refresh, give it a bath. Just make sure to avoid angling the spray upward, as this can direct water toward the spaces between the siding, and force it underneath.

4. Install a Ceiling Fan

Summer weather is hopefully going to make its way to the Pacific Northwest soon. While warmer days are great for sitting by the pool or lake, making sure our homes are comfortable once we get inside is just as important. While inexpensive, ceiling fans provide energy-efficient cooling and are a great alternative to AC units.

5. Repair or Replace Your Roof

If you know you are due for repairs of a new roof, summer is the time to do it. Delaying your repairs or new roof to colder weather is never a good idea as it can make your home vulnerable to water damage. Trust us, when you're spending more time at home come winter, your future self will thank you.

6. Reseal Your Concrete Driveway

Repair your buckling walkways and driveway during the sunny weather. In the Pacific Northwest we get quite a bit of rain and snow, which means our driveways take a beating during the winter.

7. Invest in New Windows

Winter months may be months away, but when the time comes the last thing you want to deal with is a chilly, drafty house and high heating bills. New windows can cut your home energy costs, while also adding to your home's curb appeal.

If you need help with any of these, or want to give your home a whole new look call Touchstone General Contractor at (425) 428-8053 today. We help homeowners by providing the highest quality roofing, windows, siding, and general contracting services in the Puget Sound area.

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